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GAME UPDATES: Mariners at Padres, June 16th

Some people call the Mariners line-up weak, but have you seen what the Padres are rolling out this game? That isn't exactly a murderers row. Felix should be making it eight innings at least.

And to keep with tradition ...

"I love ... carpet."

"I love ... desk."

"I love lamp."

"I love Batista's George Jefferson haircut."

Top of 1st

The Mariners go 1-2-3 to Kevin Correia -- pronounced Korea. No Team America jokes just yet.

Bottom of 1st

Felix walks the first hitter of the game, but gets out with a pick off.

Top of 2nd

That was a fast inning for Correia, but Kim Jong Il would have gotten through it faster.

Bottom of 2nd

Felix is a little wild. He gives up a single to Kevin Kouzmanoff, who I had a few cocktails with in Chattanooga when my alma mater made it to the national championship last fall. Felix also walks Henry Blanco, but gets out without giving up a run.

Top of 3rd.

Franklin Gut-ti-errrrez with a homer to left-center and it was hit pretty well. He has surprising power. FElix doesn't hit a homer this time up. He only does that against Johan Santana.

Bottom of 3rd

A little better inning for Felix.

Fourth inning ...

These teams don't do enough offensively to deserve separate stuff. But the Mariners did turn a pretty sweet 3-6-1 double play.

Fifth inning


The Mariners are making Kevin Correia look like an all-star. But Felix is looking like a real all-star carving up the last three hitters.

Sixth inning

I ate fiberglass insulation. It wasn't cotton candy like the guy said... my tummy itches.

I think I'm just going to keep putting up Brick Tamland quotes since nothing else is really going on in this game. I won't nominate Felix for the hustling to first award, but it's probably best to keep him off the bases.

Seventh inning

Hey, Ron. I'm riding a furry tractor.

Adrian Beltre continues to swing the bat well, clubbing a homer to left center.

Eighth inning

O, I'm sorry champ, I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

Felix makes it through eight and I don't see anybody throwing in the Mariners bullpen. Actually at the moment they are posing for a group photo in the bullpen. So Felix should start the ninth. He's thrown exactly 100 pitches.