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The Mariners keep the sense of humor

With 15 rookies on their roster - and a lot of veterans who have been there and done that - nothing funny occurs on or off the field that is beyond commentary.

Trayvon Robinson learned that Saturday when he got to Safeco Field. A night earlier, trying to chase down an extra base hit by the Kansas City Royals, center fielder Robinson ran into the wall in right-center field. He slammed into the fence, seemed stunned, then chased the ball, which had rebounded onto the grass.

Flash forward to Saturday afternoon, where someone with a sense of humor - and an artistic bent - taped a body outline of Robinson slamming into the wall on that wall. The details were all there - Trayvon's hat flying off, the ball hitting the wall near his foot, and Travyon basically going 'splat' as he hit.

Robinson was fascinated, borrowing binoculars to better see the outline from the Mariners dugout. "Hey, I'm missing a foot!" he said upon seeing it."


"I know who did it, but what happens in the clubhouse stays here," coach Robby Thompson said. "And what happens outside the clubhouse stays in here, too."

When he took the field, manager Eric Wedge got as big a laugh as anyone upon seeing the tape.

"I like it, it's a good sign," Wedge said. "Nobody's lost their sense of humor."

"I like it," Robinson said. "I guess it was pretty funny."