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Felix vs. Yankees - a mismatch in Seattle?

The New York Yankees roll into town a mixture of talent and arrogance, and while they should have no problem knocking off the Seattle Mariners, they have had nothing but problems with one Felix Hernandez.

Going back to the start of the 2009 season, no pitcher in baseball has a lower earned run average (1.29) against New York, and Felix has gone 5-0 in that span. Tonight, he'll go for his sixth consecutive win against the Yankees, who come in 88-57.

Behind Felix, manager Eric Wedge has thrown together yet another lineup - No. 137 in game No. 147.

Here it is, the Mariners vs. RHP Phil Hughes:

Ichiro RFSeager 3BAckley 2BCarp DHSmoak 1BOlivo CRobinson LFRyan SSSaunders CFFelix. P