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Paying for wins doesn't have to break the bank

The good folks over at Pugent Sound Bussiness Journal put together an interesting slideshow of major league teams after figuring what each one spent per win in 2011.

One would expect the eight teams to make the post-season would be among the top 10 or so spenders -but one would be wrong.

In fact, the team that spent the least amount of money per win was Tampa Bay, which put out an average of $445,000 in player payroll per victory last season. Arizona ranked nearly as low - $574,000 per win.

Take a peek at the slideshow and it's pertinent information and what you find is that five of the teams playing in October spent in the bottom half of the big leagues in salary-per-win, and a sixth team - Detroit - was No. 16.

The Mariners? They ranked No. 20, which means they spent the 10th highest amount in the game for each of their 67 wins in 2011 - or $1.27 million.

Boston, which missed the playoffs with a loss in Game No. 162, was 28th on this list, spending $1.8 million per win. If you're not sure who spent the most for each win, you've probably lived in a closet the last few decades. Yes, the New York Yankeees, who dropped an extraordinary sum of $2.03 million for each win. Yikes!

What does it all mean? Perhaps a sea change of sorts, where the top spenders don't necessarily edge out those who can't spend quite as much. Spend smart, get a little lucky, you can play with the teams without limit. When the Business Journal comes up with a slideshow on how to spend smart, at least 29 big-league teams will scramble to see it.