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Now, then - who's going to the World Series?

The preliminaries are done and we're into the semi-finals,  the National and American League Championship Series - which means there are four teams still upright with two World Series berths available.

Who's going to make it, and why?

Milwaukee and St. Louis are two teams as familiar with one another as any in the game, and while the Brewers made it clear the NL Central Division was theirs all year, the Cardinals come in as hot as anyone.

Texas and Detroit? Most of the world outside of New York seems delighted it's not the Yankees, and the Rangers and Tigers essentially held serve in their divisions all season.

Will it turn on managing? Jim Leyland and  Tony LaRussa are the wizened vets with an edge. On power? That would be Texas and Milwaukee.

Break it down for me - who are the two teams headed for the World Series?