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Recommended reading on a baseball Monday

If you're like some folks in the Northwest, nice as the playoffs are they're not must-see viewing without a horse in the race - meaning, Seattle Mariners fans haven't had an October to talk about since 2001.

That doesn't mean you don't still love the game, that you won't watch post-season baseball and especially the World Series.

It's worth remembering that the sport is still the game that captivated most of us at some point early in our lives, for some later in life. You're not alone, and if you need a little baseball fix, here's a few things online worth reading today.

Bleacher Report has a slideshow that illustrates - era by era - the best post-season players in baseball history, and it's not a bad way to catch up on those who played long before you were born. Writer Tim Dahlberg and have a piece on small-market teams in the post-season, and yes, someday that could be the Mariners.

Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, writer John Shea has a piece about what the future holds for the four teams - the Yankees, Phillies, Rays and Diamondbacks - eliminated in the first round  of the post-season.

And here's my favorite today, a John Niyo piece from the Detroit News about Victor Martinez - except it's really about another member of the Martinez family. Enjoy it.