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Need online baseball fix: Here are today's links

If you haven't got time to search high and low for baseball stories of interest, feel free to let me point out a few and let me know if you like the 'service' - keeping in mind, it's free.

As the Seattle Mariners and 29 other big-league teams start their annual search for talent and depth, the Independent Leagues are the blue-light special. Never know what you might find there, but you can take a look at the league's Top 10 prospects here.

And, speaking of Top 10s, sports columnist and national treasure Joe Posnankski weighs in with a piece on the 10 worst contracts in the majors. There are a couple of ex-Mariners on the list, but Seattle isn't paying either at the moment.

Another friend and fine writer, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian, talks about Ted Williams, and talks to Tony Gwynn, among others, about Ted's .400 season, which was 70 years ago. The Mariners didn't have anyone hit .300 this year. Yikes!

In New York, the Mets are interviewing candidates who want to be a bench coach for Terry Collins, and one of those to be interviewed is former interim Mariners skipper Jim Riggleman. Want to know why Riggleman's players loved him? Read what Willie Harris said about his own personal tragedy in '11, and how Riggleman was there for him.