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Milton Bradley's demons may finally have won

The starting left fielder for the Seattle Mariners last season, Milton Bradley was released in May, and the demons of rage and angst that plagued his major league career may have caught up with him.

Arrested last month and chagerd with assault with a deadly weapon - a baseball bat - Bradley is facing charges for threatening his wife, Monique.  Court documents, as reported by website TMZ and others, paint a frightening portrait.

Monique is seeking a restraining order against Bradley for she and their two children, and not surprisingly, she details her version of the events that led to his arrest. He was, she said, abusvive throughout their marriage. Last month, he picked up a photograph of a gun and, she says, told her "This is the gun I'm going to kill you with."

And then there's this, which could have come from any of the many big-league managers who worked with Bradley:  "I genuinely believed that one day I could fix him."

The couple's relationship has long been a mercurial one. Two years ago, in his first spring training with Seattle, Mariners coaches said they could tell whenever Monique came to visit - because Bradley would storm darkly around the complex on those days.

Still, this goes far beyond whether his baseball career is over. Whatever the reason for Bradley's demons, they now threaten both his freedom and his ability tobe a father to his children.