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These are the must-read baseball stories of the day

The World Series focuses much of the sportswriting of the world on baseball, and some of it is fascinatinating - some flat-out boring. My job is to help find the good stuff today.

There's plenty of it.

Over at Yahoo, they're pointing out that Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez is about to become the highest paid player in franchise history when his salary jumps to $18.5 million for 2012. That puts him sixth among all big-league pitchers.

Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine, in fact, mentions his favorite baseball fiction and non-fiction, and quotes and links to the John Updike essay from 1960 on the last home run hit by Ted Williams.

On the website AdvisorOne, which normally stays with its investment format, writer Dan Berman produces his list of the 10 best-and-worst contracts in the history of the game. Seattle Mariners fans will especially enjoy this aspect - on the five worst contracts, Alex Rodriguez gets a two-fer.

And, if you like lists, you've got to check this one out - Joel Reuter at Bleacher Report has put together 16 of the worst people ever to play baseball. Proudly, three once played for the Mariners.

Ever wonder what happens when a baseball collector turns hoarder? Here's a story about a Florida man, Dennis Schrader, who's now been certified by the Guiness people for having the world's largest collection of autographed baseballs - 40,000 of them. The kicker? They're uninsured, Schrader says, because he keeps guns, too. Yikes!

If you're like most of us, and grouse now and then about how baseball has changed since the days when it felt more like a game, you might enjoy reading Chip Bailey of the Houston Chronicle as he vents about memories and realities. Hard not to agree with much of what he has to say.