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The rumor mill grinds on, even for Figgins

Not even a marvelous World Series Game 6 could stop baseball writers from doing what some say they do best - putting together rumors, speculation and thought pieces that are at least as much fun to read in October as cold, hard facts.


Calros Beltran is a free agent and the San Francisco Giants want him back. But in the past two days stories have surfaced in Boston and New York that the Red Sox and Yankees want him, too. In New York, the source for one story was 'someone familiar with the Yankees thinking.' Yikes!

It reminds me of a day at the baseball winter meetings one year, when a beat writer I knew had a story involving a possible trade, citing a 'source close to the team.'  At the bar that night, he acknowleded he was the source - but asked 'who's closer to the team than me?'

Boston slugger David Ortiz greeted his free agency with thoughts of leaving the Red Sox, though he now says he wants to come back. Any rumos involving Big Papi? Yes, the Toronto Blue Jays want Ortiz. Who says so? The Boston Herald.

Just to even things up, one New York paper reported that  Boston 'might' try to steal CC Sabathia since John Lackey will miss 2012 with 'Tommy John' surgery. There's speculation the Wasghington Nationals will go big after Texas pither C.J. Wilson - throwing $75-80 million' at him. And he's not a free agent yet.

Now we get to the Seattle Mariners, and this one comes with a warning: Don't get too excited. Third baseman Chone Figgins, whose first two years in Seattle have been disasters - from going after his manager in the dugout to batting .236 - is still owed two years and $17 million. Still, writer Chris Hannum of the website Motor City Bengals, has written that the Detroit Tigers could do worse than acquire Figgins in trade.

No, he's not crazy. He weighs the ins and outs and believes if the Tigers offered to pick up Figgins and his contract they could probably get him for a Cheetoh. True, that.

It's going to get better soon, too. Just wait until the World Series ends.