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Sleazy agent saga and Wednesday links

Another day without the Seattle Mariners getting much done - hey, only a few teams have done anything significant so far - so we turn your attention to intriguing stories on the web.

The first is a long piece by Deadspin on super-agent Dan Lozano, set in motion by an anonymous mailing to Deadspin and other media outlets by someone who clearly doesn't like Lozano. Read much of the story about the man who represents Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and others, and you won't like him, either.  In fact, after going through the tale of hired women, lies and sleaze, my bet is you'll want to take a shower.

On a quiet news day in baseball, the Cleveland Indians closed the deal with outfielder Grady Sizemore, in part because they offered him $5 million up front and $4 million more in incentives, in part because he'll stay in center field. Yes, Seattle had interest, but center field belonged to Franklin Gutierrez.

Since we've given you the chance to read about a tarnished agent, it seems only fair to offer up a baseball writer who's taking heat for not having American League MVP Justin Verlander on his 10-player ballot. Jim Ingraham, who covers the Indians, has the simplest of explanations - but do you buy the argument?

Future Hall of Fame Yankees closer Mariano Rivera may need surgery soon - on his vocal chords - but at 42 is talking about 2012 being his last season.

And here's a twist: Joe Torre, who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2008-2010, has had discussions about joining a prominent Southern California real estate developer in a group attempting to buy the Dodgers.