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Having sold his soul, Rose now selling his ban

When he played, Pete Rose was fearless, intense and focused, but now the word that best describes him is 'tacky.'

In another bad decision, one that makes you want to shower after considering, the man banned for life for gambling on baseball is now selling copies of that ban - and doing so in Cesar's Palace shop in Las Vegas.


“My banishment from baseball is a major event in the history of the game,” Rose said in a statement. “The positive support from my fans has been overwhelming since my banishment, and I wanted to offer my supporters and all baseball fans a chance to share an important aspect of my personal history.”

According to a story in the Las Vegas Sun, Rose has scheduled himself to sign autographs in the Cesar's Palace shop 24 days this month.

Rose's moral compass seems to have been stuck on 'south' for years now. After maintaining his innocence for mor than a decade - and sullying baseball by doing so - he came clean and admitted to gambling, but did so in a book he was trying to sell.  Now he's hawking copies of the ban, each personalized with a tasty inscription: 'I'm sorry I bet on baseball.'