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Jim Bowden: Mariners now frontrunners for Prince

Well, there you have it - a goofy ex-general manager has tweeted that Seattle is now the frontrunner in the Prince Fielder derby.

Jim Bowden may simply be gauging the non-market for first basemen this week - with Albert Pujols, David Ortiz and Fielder all available but not finding suitors lined up. By process of elimination, the Mariners are, indeed, in a good position to pull Fielder in.

But it hasn't happened yet and might not.

The known suitors for Fielder, a power-hitting left-handed bat who would fit nicely in Safeco Field, are the Mariners, Cubs and Orioles. If you believe GMs - always a risk at the winter meetings - the Blue Jays, Marlins, Brewers, Rangers and Nationals have all backed away from contract talks.

If true, that would put Seattle in the drivers seat, reasoned Bowden.

If the market for Fielder is that small, figure he and agent Scott Boras will find a way to broaden it. Fielder is under no time line to sign this week, and might well be better served sitting the meetings out in Dallas. Let the feeding frenzy build, as one team after another improves, and suddenly having Fielder still available would prove to choice a target to resist.

Remember, he's already walked away from six-year, $120 million offers. That' s a guy in no particular hurry.