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Mariners: Nothing happening on the Prince Fielder front

The quiet offseason for the Seattle Mariners took a turn this afternoon thanks to a tweet from Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison, who let go with this wowzer: “Just heard from my boy that Prince to Seattle is a done deal…”

Prince Fielder? To Seattle? … Not so fast, say the Mariners.

Staff writer Larry LaRue, on vacation in Southern California, called the team for comment, and it's a simple one: Nothing’s brewing. GM Jack Zduriencik is not even in the office today, and the team’s head of media relations is on vacation for the week; two signs that the team has shut it down for the holiday.

Further, reporter Greg Johns, who covers the Mariners, tweeted the Mariners have not signed Prince Fielder.

So what to make of this?

Consider the source: Logan Morrison, a known loose cannon who was basically sent to the minors this season because of his love affair with social media.

And, consider this: Prince – the rock star, not the chubby first baseman – played in Tacoma on Monday.

And this from LoMo's twitter account at about 2:50 p.m. : "Oh $hit, you guys thought I meant the 1B from Milwaukee. My bad. (I love all of you. Happy Holidays!)"

Sounds like someone is having some fun, at the expense of Mariners fans.