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A mid-winter look at Oakland: 'atrocious'

Judging from the response to a 13-year-old  Southern Californian's overview on the Seattle Marinershere the other day, some folks think analyzing a bad team - and saying it's bad - doesn't happen anywhere but here.

Think again.

CBS Sports senior columnist Scott Miller, a fine baseball writer, asked an unnamed executive from another team to break down the Oakland Athletics and got this response:

"I think this is one last shot to get a new stadium - be as bad as we can be to prove to baseball that we really need a new stadium. And they're going to be bad. They're going to be atrocious."

You can read Miller's full story here, and if nothing else it may encourage Mariners fans to know they're not the only team in a rebuilding mode. Seattle will see more than enough of Texas and Los Angeles this year, but it will face Oakland in five of its first nine games.