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Trayvon Robinson slowing it down

A year ago, Trayvon Robinson was having an MVP season in Class AAA Albuquerque when he came to Seattle in a three-team trade involving Erik Bedard - and suddenly life and the game went crazy.

“When I came up, it all happened so fast. That was my fault – I didn’t slow it down,” Robinson said. “In AA and AAA ball, I did. It seemed like everything was going a thousand miles an hour.

“This off-season was great for me, mentally. I took a step back. I coached a couple of Little League games, saw the joy the kids had, how they all cheered for each other.

“It was a great reminder. I may have taken some things for granted last season. I wont’ again.”

A 24-year-old outfielder, the switch-hitting Robinson batted .293 with 25 home runs and 71 RBI in 100 games with  Albuquerque. That translated, in 44 big league games with Seattle, to a .210 averagee, two home runs and 14 RBI.

“I’d like to show that I can have an impact on a game, whether it’s offensively, defensively or on the bases. I didn’t get to use my speed last year,” Robinson said.

“Getting to the big leagues was awesome, it just didn’t feel right, somehow. It wasn’t the same me,” Robinson said. “The window of opportunity in major league baseball is so small. I wasn’t aggressive, I was passive, and that’s not my game.

“I think fans saw flashes of my game, but not all of it. I know I have the capacity to hit, but I didn’t. I can use my speed to change a game, but I didn’t last year.

“I’ve got a lot to learn and I’ll learn as much as I can this spring. Along the way, I’d like to prove the Mariners were right when the traded for me,” Robinson said.