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Hultzen: How, why & when to throw a curve

We're running a feature tomorrow on Seattle Mariners left-hander Dan Hultzen, a first-round draft pick in 2011 and a major league hopeful in 2012.

Now 22, Hultzen ptches to contact, not to avoid it.

"From the first pitch on, I’m thinking ‘hit it,’ because the quicker you get outs, the fewer pitches it takes, the longer you stay in games,” Hultzen said.

“That’s the kind of pitcher I am. I don’t have knee-buckling stuff, I don’t throw pitches that make people go ‘whoa!’ but I can make hitters hit my pitch.”

Hultzen continues our series of video on pitches by pitchers: Chance Ruffin on the slider, Steve Delabar on the split-fingered fastball, now Hultzen on the curve.

As we move forward, what else would you like to see in vidoe - keeping in mind major league rules allow only about 90 seconds of content. No long interviews allowed. Still, open to your suggestions.