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Kyle Seager tries a little something new

Watch hitters from opposing teams visiting before a game, one of the first things they do is heft the others guy's bat - part of the eternal search for the perfect piece of lumber.

Seattle Mariners rookie Kyle Seager last year changed bats four times, and this spring he's come to camp trying a slightly new approach at the plate.

“I made a little adjustment at the plate, and I think that allows me to hit the all harder. Last year, I was hitting the ball too far out front, and that didn’t allow me to use my body," Seager said.

“I have a little tuck in my front shoulder now, that helps me get to the pitch more where I want to hit it. I like my swing path, I like the kind of hitter I am. I’m not a power hitter, but I’m seeing balls that carry on the line more. That’s exciting,” Seager said.