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Seager gets advice on playing third

IKyle Seagernfielders Kyle Seager and Chone Figgins are essentially competing for the same job - third base - but the Seattle Mariners under Eric Wedge have made it clear: teammates help one another.

 “Chone was showing me something I hadn’t thought of,” Seager said. “I’d always put a finger in each finger of my glove. He put two fingers in the pinky slot.”

Seager tried it.

 “At third base, you’re using a slightly bigger glove than at second base, anyway,” Seager said. “When I tried it Chone’s way, I had a deeper pocket.".

“I liked it a lot that way. Chone’s a great teammate, I love picking his brain.”

When asked about the exchange, Figgins shrugged.

“We were just talking about gloves,” he said.”