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Blake Beavan adds a weapon: Vision

As a rookie, Blake Beavan won five games for the Seattle Mariners in 2011, building a case for staying in the rotation this year - though he was at a disadvantage at times.

At 6-foot-7, 240 pounds, Beavan flashed the ability to go deep into games and command the strike zone, walking 15 batters in 15 starts.

His biggest problem? Beavan couldn't see the signs from his catcher - especially at night, on the road.

"With the home white uniforms, I could read them, but when we were on the road wearing gray at night, there were times I couldn't see what the catcher was calling," Beavan said.

As a result, he went to glasses, but wasn't comfortable with those. This spring, he tried prescription goggles, and while he could see, it still didn't feel natural. For the past two days, he's tried contact lenses.

"I've got big hands, so I've had some trouble putting them in," he said. "It took me three or four tries on one eye, a couple on the other. I'll get better."

And, he thinks, being able to see on the mound should be a plus.

"It was frustrating for me and real frustrating for the catchers," Beavan said.