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A miserable day with a silver lining

Shortstop Brendan Ryan continues his slow progress back from a neck and shoulder injury last year, and added to his miseries today by fouling a Brandon Leagtue split-fingered fastball off his left big toe.

Yes, it hurt. Ryan went down at the plate,like a bug belly up in the butter dish, and the crowd on hand was treated to some colorful language before Ryan limped into the clubhouse.

"It's a little sore, but it'll be fine. I have a damaged spirit and pride, that's all," Ryan said later.

In ihs first at-bat, against Felix Hernandez, Ryan struck out.

"i don't even know what that last pitch was," Ryan said. "It looked like a fastball and then it went straight down. It's February! Then my next at-bat I got League, and you know what you're gong to get there."

Sinkners and split-fingered fastballs, both candidates to be fouled off your feet. Ryan fouled on off his left big toe and left the game. A moment later, catcher Jesus Montero fouled one off his foot and limped around for a full minute before getting back in the batters box.

"I felt bad, because they're my teammates, and I don't want them hurt," League said. "But that's what I throw, and it was working today."

Ryan, the eternal optimist, found a silver lining to the day.

"I threw from about 120 feet, worked on double plays, and I think they'r going to let me throw to first base tomorrow," Ryan said. "So that's all good."