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Those three Mariners phenoms speak! (video)

No one knows what the future holds, although the Seattle Mariners and their fans are hoping theirs are tied to James Paxton, Dan Hultzen and Taijuan Walker.

All three are young pitchers on the fast track toward the big leagues and, as fate has it, are good friends. They locker together, stretch together and - in games like today against Cincinnati - pitch on the same day.

Paxton (23), Hultzen (22) and Walker (19) are what we old-poops like to think of as 'good kids,' thoughtful, friendly and charming. If you haven't read a word about any of them, watch this 2 1/2 minutes with them and see if you're not smiling by the end.

Charm may not be an attribute on the mound, but it's hard not to see it in these three pups.