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For Adam Moore, news is good-not-great

Catcher Adam Moore camp to Seattle Mariners camp this morning with a brace, not a cast, on his right wrist and said a hand specialist told him the 'break' was not as serious as he'd expected.

"He told me to come back in two weeks and we'll start from there," Moore said. "I'm praying for the best, two weeks max. Realistically, it'll be two-to-four weeks. I consider this a bump in the road.

"It's tough. I'll continue to battle back, like I always have ..."

Moore, 27, has had injury issues in each of the last two seasons, missing all of 2011 after tearing up his right knee in his second ame of the year. In camp this spring, he was hitting well, catching well and making an impression.

"It didn't happen in the game," Moore said, clarifying the injury. "It was in the bullpen before the game, a ball bounced in and caught the back of my hand. I took batting practice and I thought, 'It's nothing I can't bear.' So I played the game.

"The next day I came in and took a little early BP in the cages, and I knew."

For the next two weeks, Moore will have physical therapy on the wrist each day and continue to work his lower body, running in the pool and riding a stationary bike.

"When I'm cleared to go, I should be ready to play again," Moore said.