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A moment with Brendan Ryan's growing brain

It's raining sideways here in Peoria, where the Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies are scheduled to play at 1 p.m. - and still may - and players are coming in a bit later than usual.

One who was in early was shortstop Brendan Ryan, sidelined the past few days by a tight quad suffered during a base-running blunder.

"They were going to play me yesterday but thought one more day might be best," Ryan said. "Then I was going to play today, but the forecast was 'cold and wet,' and knowing my personality, they didn't like that combination."

Brendan's 'personality' is manic. Playing at, say, 75 per cent is an impossibility. He goes all out or doesn't go, and the only way he doesn't go is if you don't let him on the field.

"I have family here today, and I feel bad about not playing - but I want to go to Japan," Ryan said.

In four more days, Seattle will do just that. Anyone who's not completely healthy isn't going. So this morning Ryan was dressing when a clubhouse attendant brought him hats to try on. They were either too tight or too loose.

Once he found one that fit, he was brought more the same size and began trying them on.

"These are too tight," he said. "Maybe my brain is growing."

Ryan will likely be healthy enough to go to Japan, at least physically healthy. Mentally? No one expects that to be change.

Asked about Ryan, Justin Smoak's response: "Which one?"