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Mariners lineup for reopening day!

The Seattle Mariners play what Dustin Ackley called 'our American opener' tonight in Oakland, facing the same Athletics they met in Tokyo last month.

The Seattle roster is reshuffled, and the lineup a bit different - Kyle Seager is at third base, Chone Figgins is in left field for Mike Carp, who is on the disabled list - and Jason Vargas is starting, not Felix Hernandez.

Felix goes tomorrow. Here's troday's lineup:

Chone Figgins    LFDustin Ackley       2BIchiro Suzuki       RFJustin Smoak       1BJesus Montero           DHKyle Seager         3BMiguel Olivo            CMichael Saunders    CFBrendan Ryan            SSJason Vargas            LHP