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And now, a completely different lineup

Brendan Ryan is back at shortstop, but that's not the news in the Seattle Mariners lineup. This is: Jesus Montero is catching and John Jaso, the left-handed catcher who hasn't even pinch-hit yet, is the designated hitter.

Down 0-2 in this four game series with the Texas Rangers, Eric Wedge gives Montero is first start behind the plate, rests Miguel Olivo and gets Jaso into game action. He also reinserts Ryan, hoping to have proven his point.

That point, keep your head in the game. It's not a bad message at any level.

Tonight's lineup:

Chone Figgins LFDustin Ackley 2BIchiro RFJustin Smoak 1BKyle Seager 3BJesus Montero CMichael Saunders  CFBrendan Ryan  SSJohn Jaso DHKevin Millwood  RHP