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On the future of Brendan Ryan, Chone Figgins

The Seattle Mariners flew home with a six-game losing streak after Tampa Bay laid another one-run loss on them today, 4-3, but for Mariners fans frustrated by a few of the team's veterans, it was an intriguing day.

Brendan Ryan, the shortstop batting .130, didn't play today, but when manager Eric Wedge was asked about him, he was candid. Wedge said the team had to find a way to get Ryan going rather than consider other long-term options, at least for now.

“Ryan takes away more runs at shortstop than anybody,” Wedge said. “If we can get a borderline average from him at the plate, we’ve got a championship-caliber shortstop.

“But that’s up to him. He’s got to give us more at the plate.”

What about the possibility of, say, Kyle Seager at shortstop?

“I don’t see that happening,” Wedge said.

Chone Figgins came up, as well, and Wedge sounded like his patience had about run out - espeially after another 0-for-4 day dropped Figgins average to .189 - a point higher than it was all of last season.

“If the top of the order doesn’t get on base, the middle of the lineup can’t produce,” Wedge said. “We’re 27 games into the season, and it’s a process. We’ve already made a couple of moves, and if we feel the need to, we’ll make a couple more.

“We will continue to make adjustments.”

Figgins, meanwhile, seemed almost oblivious to his numbers in 2012, or to the jeopardy his job might be in.

“I feel great, I’m taking some great hacks, driving some balls,” Figgins said. “I’m getting nothing to show for it. I think I’d rather feel bad and get hits.”

That may be the quote that makes Wedge and the front office agree that Figgins is no longer part of the solution but might be a piece of the problem. Yikes!