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Patience wearing thin for Brendan Ryan

No one is certain whether Seattle Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan has hit bottom this season, batting .149, but one thing became clear today– he’s about reached the end of his manager’s patience.

Eric Wedge has tried moving Ryan down in the lineup and up in the  batting order, putting him second in hopes of getting him more fastballs, ninth to take pressure off.

Today,Wedge sat Ryan.


“He needs a day,” Wedge said. “I need a day.”

 In manager-speak, read that as abject frustration.

“Is there a level he has to reach to stay in the lineup?” Wedge asked, repeating a question. “You just can’t be an out up there. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be better.

“He’s not 25, he’s 30-years-old and it’s time he figured out what he needs to do to be successful.”

What is Ryan doing wrong?

“He’s swimming in his own brain,” Wedge said. “He’s not giving himself a chance. He’s pulling off the ball, not seeing it well …”

And the team is close to the end of its patience. Today, Munenori Kawasaki will start at shortstop.


“We’ll see,” Wedge said.