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Felix takes a train ride - and a lineup

Pitcher Felix Hernandez has a hobby some of his Seattle Mariners teammates enjoy more than others – on every bus he rides, he likes to honk the horn.

When the team took a rare private train from New York to Boston on Sunday night, Brandon League inquired whether Felix was going to blow the whistle from the engine.

Not surprisingly, the Mariners ace found a way.

“I asked and when we had a quick stop, Hector (Noesi), Shawn (Kelley) and I got to go up to the engine,” Hernandez said today, still delighted.

“There weren’t that many dials and controls. Just a couple of things to pull or push for forward and reverse.”

Could Hernandez now drive a train?

“No. All I wanted to do was blow the whistle,” he said.

 Blow it he did.

“Six, seven times, it was way cool,” Felix said.

As for the nearly four-hour train trip, most of the Mariners enjoyed taking a break from airports and airplanes.

“We didn’t even sit down, we stood around talking the whole time,” Felix said.

An older writer mentioned that was the way all teams traveled before airplanes, and Felix stared at him a full 10 seconds.

 “No way,” he said.

“Way,” he was told.

  “Wow,” Hernandez said.

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