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A goofy shortstop and today's lineup

Brendan Ryan isn't starting at shortstop today - Munenori Kawasaki is - which means Ryan had time to turn his attention to other things before the game.

Sitting with teammates on a couch in front of a big-screen television in his uniform and socks, Ryan saw what he thought was a live ESPN shot from Fenway Park, a stand up with the Green Monster in the background.

Ryan leaped over the couch, scrambled to put his shoes on and raced down the tunnel toward the field.

"He wants to run thruogh the shot," pitcher Blake Beavan explained - and all eyes turned to the TV, waiting to see Ryan in the background doing God only knows what.

Minutes later, a dejected Ryan returned from the field.

"That shot is sooooo not live!" he said.

True enough, the on-camera interview had been taped earlier in the day.

And now, the Mariners lineup vs. the Red Sox:

Dustin Ackley 2B,John Jaso CIchiro RFJesus  Montero DHKyle Seager 3BJustin  Smoak 1B,Mike Carp LFMichael Saunders CFMunenori Kawasaki SSBlake  Beavan P