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Mariners look like - and are - a last place team

The Seattle Mariners wanted this to be a statement series, securing third place in the American League West against an under-achieving Los Angels Angels team.

The statement they made was this: their 3-0 loss tonight made them look precisely like what they became, the last place tem in their division.

Albert Pujols homered against Jason Vargas in the first inning, Dan Haren struck out a career-best 14 batters and the Mariners managed only four hits in being shut out for the sixth time in 2012.

Eric Wedge wasn't pleased.

“Haren threw a good game against us, but he was doing the same thing in the ninth inning he did in the first, and that’s a red flag,” Wedge said. “Somebody’s got to make an adjustment.

 “Our right-handed hitters, our left-handed hitters – nobody did.

"We didn’t make any adjustments to what he was doing. I know we’re a young team, but you’ve got to do better than that,” Wedge said.  “We will talk to our hitters, and they need to look at their own at-bats. It wasn’t the umpire. A lot of this tonight had to do with us.”

Brendan Ryan, who had one of Seattle's four hits:  “We’re zooming through that game and you can see guys up their lunging at pitches down and away. You’ve got to do something different, maybe move up in the batters box. You cannot just let him get you the same way.”

The Mariners did, however, and now own a .230 batting average. For all the excitement they've brought to the '12 season at times, they are now 21-26 and a half game behind the Angels in fourth place.