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Eric Wedge vents a little before today's game

The Sunday pregame conversations with the manager can be unpredictable. Sometimes they are laid back with manager's telling stories and making jokes. Other times they are informative with stuff on injuries and player development. Today gave Eric Wedge a chance to vent a little about his team.

Here's a few of his comments ...

--- "When you are playing this many young kids without a veteran bopper in the middle, that makes it tougher."

--- "What I don't like and this is what bothers me more than anything is when I see guys moving in the right direction and then sometimes they will back it up to the point where they were when they started. They will retread over the same real estate. That pisses me off. I don't like that. That's a discipline. That's more concentration. That's a focus. That's the one thing that bothers me. That's what we aren't going to accept. When I get upset it's because of that."

---"Everybody has to understand something lineup-wise, let me just educate you hear a bit. You are not going to have a consistent lineup until you know what your players are capable of doing. They are too young. So for all the yahoos out there that say you should play the same players every day, that you haven't had a consistent lineup every day, you don't know $%&*. Period. You can't do that until you know what you have. You can't do that until they develop as major league players. It takes time to do that. So throughout that process you get them in the lineup. You put the best lineup which you feel is capable of winning the ball - which should be first and foremost in all of our minds - and then you let it play out."

--- "Everybody's focus is on the wins and losses, but the wins will win come as long as we progress to the point where we are now versus this time next year. If we progress to the point next year at this time, as we have to the point - and most people won't understand it because they just look at wins and losses - it will be a good thing.  The start up is one thing. Once you get past that and playing in the big leagues for a little bit what you can do with that next full year of progression is pretty real."

--- "Everybody needs to understand that our first priority is to win the ball game. You have to create a winning environment. Part of that is manning up and being tough on the bad days and being humble on the good days. Like I said earlier, everybody walked out of here feeling pretty good three days ago and walked in here feeling whatever you feel today. You have to handle it."

--- "Part of being a pro is handling the good and bad the appropriate way where you never get too high or too low. You are never as good as you are and you are never as bad as you think you are. If you can live in the midrange and be honest with yourself and have the talent and ability, you can be a pretty good ballplayer. But having said that, there are certain moments in time when you got players up here developing that you are going to play a Liddi in left field, maybe you are going to let a pitcher face another hitter, maybe give a guy another at-bat, maybe hold them out of the game regardless because you need to hold them out of the game even though you want to put them in the game. That's on me. If people don't understand that, quite frankly I don't care."

--- "Some of the painful moments we have to go through is just part of it. Now where most people get into trouble is they give into that $&#%. Excuse my french, ladies, they give in to that. And you can't do that. You have to be tough enough and disciplined enough to stick to the plan and be convicted with what you are doing regardless of what everyone else says. That's what you have to do."