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New, improved Felix - and the lineup behind him

The Seattle Mariners send out the ace of their staff today, armed with a slight mechanical change that may get him back to being his usual, dominant self.

Felix Hernandez will face the San Francisco Giants in the rubber match of this three-game series, and he'll do it from a windup that will begin with him facing home plate. Video showed he'd drifted and begun his delivery while facing third base, which exagerated his turn.

"My turn is shorter and my pitches were down because my arm wasn't hurrying to catch up with my body," Felix explained.

Now, will it make a difference on the mound? We'll see.

Behind Felix, the only significant lineup change is that Michael Saunders gets a day off, something he didn't get often befoe Franklin Gutierrez was healthy.

Here's Seattle's lineup:

Ichiro   RFFranklin Gutierrez    CFKyle Seager       3BJesus Montero         DHCasper Wells          LFJustin Smoak       1BMiguel Olivo          CDustin Ackley      2B Brendan Ryan          SSFelix Hernandez       RHP