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Ichiro gets a day off as Mariners open three-game series with D'Backs

Mariners (29-39)

  • 55  Michael Saunders (L)  LF
  • 21  Franklin Gutierrez    CF
  • 15  Kyle Seager (L)       3B
  • 63  Jesus Montero         C
  • 33  Casper Wells          RF
  • 17  Justin Smoak (S)      1B
  • 13  Dustin Ackley (L)     2B
  • 26  Brendan Ryan          SS

45  Hector Noesi          RHP

Diamondbacks (32-34)

  • 18  Willie Bloomquist     SS
  • 2  Aaron Hill            2B
  • 10  Justin Upton          RF
  • 13  Jason Kubel (L)       LF
  • 44  Paul Goldschmidt      1B
  • 26  Miguel Montero (L)    C
  • 24  Chris Young           CF
  • 15  Josh Bell (S)         3B

36  Wade Miley            LHP

Greetings from Phoenix's Chase Field where the temperature outside of the stadium is just a few degrees hotter than the sun. I will be on this road trip that starts here in the town south of Hades and then carries onto the paradise known as San Diego. And if you think I won't quoting be Ron Burgundy on that portion of the trip, you would be very, very wrong.

Obviously, the early news of the day, besides the fact that its 110 degrees outside - roughly 60 degrees warmer than when I left Tacoma this morning, is that Ichiro is not in the lineup. He gets a day off after a less than scintillating homestand, where he hit .231 (9-f04-39) with a .231 on-base percentage - meaning he didn't walk.

Since moving back to the leadoff ... he is hitting .206 (14-for-68) with a .206 OBP in 15 games -- meaning he has failed to take a walk since then as well.

With no DH, Ackley is batting eighth.

There should be offense. The air in Phoenix is try, even in an air conditioned stadium. The ball carries here. Will that mean offense? Not necessarily, but the odds have to be improved. Not facing Madison Bumgarner helps a lot as well.