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Updated: pregame notes, today's lineups, official game notes and Eric Wedge video

A few quick notes ... Justin Smoak is out of the lineup today after fouling the ball off his right knee last night. He  had some electro stimulation on the knee going into the clubhouse.

He said that the knee got really sore and tight after icing it and trying to sleep on it.

"I tossed and turned all night trying to find a way to get comfortable," he said. "It felt like I had a heartbeat in my knee it was throbbing so much."

Smoak said he'd never fouled a ball off his back leg in a swing. But he said with number of pitchers throwing cutters, you will see it more and more from hitters.

"You never see a cutter till you get to pro baseball," he said. "Up here, guys are throwing them all the time and throwing them 90 to 92 miles per hour."

As for the bad luck of having it happen to Smoak, he could only shake his head at some of fluky injuries he's battled.

"If it was going to happen to someone, you know it's going to happen to me," Smoak said.

Wedge even admitted the lineup is kind of pieced together. That kind of happens when you have "super utility" player sitting on your bench that rarely plays and is taking up a roster spot. Not that the decision is up to Wedge or GM Jack Zduriencik.

Wedge planned to sit Jesus Montero today, but he noticed that fatigue was a factor last night. Charlie Furbush threw a pair of wild pitches, both of which Montero had a chance to block. They were tough pitches, but Montero would probably say he should block them as well. That's what catchers do. Still, Wedge felt like maybe fatigue was leading to small fundamental breakdowns defensively.

The demands of the position are physically and mentally demanding, and when you are fatigued, both can be affected.

Mariners (30-40)

  • 51  Ichiro Suzuki (L)     RF
  • 27  John Jaso (L)         C
  • 33  Casper Wells          LF
  • 15  Kyle Seager (L)       3B
  • 55  Michael Saunders (L)  CF
  • 13  Dustin Ackley (L)     1B
  • 26  Brendan Ryan          SS
  • 61  Munenori Kawasaki (L) 2B
  • 38  Jason Vargas (L)      P
Diamondbacks (33-35)
  • 24  Chris Young           CF
  • 2  Aaron Hill            2B
  • 10  Justin Upton          RF
  • 13  Jason Kubel (L)       LF
  • 44  Paul Goldschmidt      1B
  • 26  Miguel Montero (L)    C
  • 14  Ryan Roberts          3B
  • 16  John McDonald         SS
  • 35  Trevor Cahill         RHP