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Turn Back the Clock for Felix, Mariners, A's

Yes, today is one of those Turn Back the Clock Days at the ball park, with Oakland and Seattle donning uniforms from the past and, in this case, having an Elvis impersonator singing the National Anthem.

At least we think it's an impersonator.

The lineup, meanwhile, is much the same as last night's, although Carlos Peguero isn't playing today - John Jaso is the DH, Ichiro is back in right field. Jesus Montero may be available to pinch hit, but he's still not cleared to start - not after experierncing dizziness taking ground balls.

It's the final game before the All-Star break, and the chance for Seattle to take this series and go into that break with the momentum of two consecutive wins.

Here's the lineup vs. veteran RHP Bartolo Colo:

Dustin Ackley     2BIchiro Suzuki     RFMichael Saunders   CFJohn Jaso         DHKyle Seager       3BCasper Wells          LFJustin Smoak      1BMiguel Olivo          CBrendan Ryan          SSFelix Hernandez       RHP