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Riding the hot horse, Mariners lineup has no Jaso

For the second day in a row, Eric Wedge has changed his mind and posterd a Seattle Mariners lineup without left-handed hitting John Jaso - largely because the team he's played the past two nights scored 18 runs.

The Mariners will go with the combination of Jesus Montero and Miguel Olivo, flip-flopping them each game with one catching and the other being the DH.

Start your 'Free Jaso' trend now! Here's the lineup:

Dustin Ackley      2BIchiro Suzuki      RFCasper Wells           LFJesus Montero          CJustin Smoak       1BKyle Seager        3BMiguel Olivo           DHMichael Saunders   CF Brendan Ryan           SSKevin Millwood         RHP