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And now, another new-look lineup

Now that you've had 24 hours to digest the Ichiro trade, the Mariners have a 25-man roster - adding OF Trayvon Robinson today - and another of those new lineups manager Eric Wedge loves to spring.

Michael Saunders is batting second, Jesus Montero is the DH, John Jaso is catching, Mike Carp is at first b ase and Carlos Peguero in right field - all playing behind one Felix Hernandez.

Ichiro is gone. Justin Smoak has been sent out out and Carp and Robinson called up. With just two moves, the feel of this team changdd dramatically. The youth movement feels younger, the possibilities a little grander.

Now all they have to do is beat the New York Yankees tonight. Here's their lineup vs. Freddy Garcia:

Dustin Ackley      2BMichael Saunders   CFJesus Montero          DHJohn Jaso           CKyle Seager         3BCasper Wells           LFMike Carp          1BCarlos Peguero     RFBrendan Ryan           SSFelix Hernandez        RHP