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Eeek! Mariners face a crafty left-hander

Yes, crafty left-handers are sneaky pitchers with high earned run averages who lull young hitters with off-speed stuff, then make them chase pitches - precisely the kind of thing the Seattle Mariners have done much of the season.

Does that mean Kansas City's Bruce Chen has an edge today? Maybe not - the Mariners counter with crafty right-hander Kevin Millwood.

Seattle has also decided to unleash a secret weapon, switch-hitting outfielder Trayvon Robinson, who hasn't played a big-league game in 2012. Of course, the Mariners are using right-handed hitting catcher Miguel Olivo, too.

Here's the full Mariners lineup:

Dustin Ackley       2BCasper Wells           RFMichael Saunders   CFJesus Montero          DHKyle Seager        3BMiguel Olivo           CMike Carp          1BTrayvon Robinson    LFBrendan Ryan           SSKevin Millwood         RHP