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Today's lineup vs. the Blue Jays .... and trade notes

To quote Eminem ...

"Guess who's back, back again. Shady's back, tell your friends."

Yep, I will be covering the Mariners the next two days ... strangely around the major league baseball trade deadline. But oh well. It can't be any worse than covering the Seattle City Council.

The major trade speculation surrounding the Mariners has been for one-time closer and current set-up man Brandon League. Reports around baseball have the Giants, Dodgers and Rangers all interested in League. Will the Mariners get anything of significance in return? Probably not. They'd obviously like a hitting prospect. But so would every team.

Lefty Jason Vargas seems to be another likely candidate, but there may be a domino effect needed first where other more valuable starting pitchers like Cliff Lee, Ryan Dempster Matt Garza, Josh Beckett and James Shields need to be traded first.

How about Chone Figgins? Hahaha. He's not still on the team, is he? He is? Hmm, well, that's not happening.

As for other trade prospects? Well, I guess if a team wants to go shopping at the metaphorical Dollar Store and find a bargain they may come calling the Mariners. But teams in a true pennant race probably want 1. Felix (not happening despite what Jon Paul Morosi, Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney writer every so often). 2. Tom Wilhelmsen (not untouchable, but not likely going anywhere), 3. Kyle Seager (mostly as a utility guy, but probably not much value), 4. League, 5. Vargas .... and then the rest.

The deadline is tomorrow at 1 p.m.

Mariners (47-57)

  • 13  Dustin Ackley (L)      2B
  • 55  Michael Saunders (L)   CF
  • 63  Jesus Montero          C
  • 27  John Jaso (L)          DH
  • 15  Kyle Seager (L)        3B
  • 33  Casper Wells           LF
  • 20  Mike Carp (L)          1B
  • 4  Carlos Peguero (L)     RF
  • 26  Brendan Ryan           SS

18  Hisashi Iwakuma        RHP