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Life on the Best Seller list ....

Publishing a book and putting out amongst the reading public is intimidating - both and insist there are eight million books still available.

One of those is 'Major League Encounters,' a book of a hundred stories of big league characters, from Lou Piniella to Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr. to Tom Wilhelmsen. It covers the span of my career in baseball, which began in 1979.

There are Hall of Famers and great managers, and there are players you may barely remember or not know - Jeff Schaeffer, Luis Sojo, Tim Davis and others.

All of them had stories worth telling, anecdotes that may surprise you, and I wanted to tell them. The books is available only on line - and in the Gig Harbor Library. As an e-book, it goes for $3.99, and get this.

Among Kindle sales, tells me I'm ranked 78,415th this week. Take that, whoever is 78,416th! Paperback sales? I've broken the 100,000 barrier in rank, not sales. Selling a few dozen books apparently moved me ahead of several still-in-print Charles Dickens works.

Buy a book and I'll not only be happy to sign, I'll take 10 cents off the price if you want it autographed. That's right, buy the book, hook up with me and I will give you a dime.

Let's see James Patterson match that.