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Rain in a steamy New York, and a lineup

After scoring once in yesterday's 1-0 victory, the Seattle Mariners showed up for Sunday morning batting practice today - and were promptly rained out.

That's unusual because it's about 90 degrees here and the rain dried a moment after landing, but wet is wet and the Mariners retreated. The New York Yankees were relaxing in their clubhouse and weren't much bothered.

Against grizzled veteran Freddy Garcia - once the Seattle ace - the Mariners will face the Yankees with the chance to take the series today. Hisashi Iwakuma will start for the Mariners, who will sit Mike Carp, Casper Wells and Brendan Ryan.

In their places, Eric Wedge will use Dustin Ackley a first base, Kyle Seager at second base, Chone Figgins at third and Munenori Kawasaki at shortstop, with an outfield of Trayvon Robinson, Michael Saunders and Eric Thames.

Here's the lineup. Let's hope the rain bypasses us.

Dustin Ackley   1BMichael Saunders  CFJesus Montero  CJohn Jaso  DHKyle Seager  2BEric Thames  RFTrayvon Robinson  LFMunenori Kawasaki  SSChone Figgins  3BHisashi Iwakuma  RHP