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It's Felix and friends against Tampa

A game-winning single doesn't c ancel out three strike outs,  but it gave Seattle Mariners outfielder Eric Thames a pass with fans last night - and a spot in the starting lineup again today.

It's Felix Hernandez vs. Jeremy Hellickson, which almost certainly means another of those nail-biting, low-scoring contests with two rock-solid pitchers dominating the hitters. In other words, a Mariners game.

Dustin Ackley showing signs of life (.225) leading off will have Michael Saunders behind him again, then Jesus Montero, John Jaso and Kyle Seager. One-through-five, that's as strong a lineup as EricWedge has posted all season.

Here's the full lineup vs. Tampa:

Dustin Ackley       2BMichael Saunders   CFJesus Montero          DHJohn Jaso            CKyle Seager         3BJustin Smoak        1B Trayvon Robinson   LF Eric Thames         RFBrendan Ryan           SSFelix Hernandez        RHP