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Seattle going for sixth in a row tonight

Brendan Ryan's return to shortstop after a day off and the re-insertion of veteran Miguel Olivo at catcher are about the only changes the Seattle Mariners made today as they face the Cleveland Indians and - oh, yes - go for their sixth consecutive win.

Their hottest hitter is Dustin Ackley, with five hits and a walk in the past two games, but most everyone in the lineup has done damage during the winning streak. If there's one starting pitcher who has every reason to feel left out in the win column this season, it's Kevin Millwood, who starts tonight with a 4-10 record.

No, life's not fair. Here's tonight's lineup:

Dustin Ackley     2BMichael Saunders   CFKyle Seager       3BJohn Jaso          DHJustin Smoak       1BEric Thames        RFMiguel Olivo            CTrayvon Robinson    LFBrendan Ryan           SSKevin Millwood         RHP