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News of the day and a Mariners lineup

Bartolo Colon was caught using a performance enhancing drug and suspended for 50 games today, the kind of news youdon't even want in a division rival, and the Seattle Mariners try to win their eighth game in a row.

Colon, the Oakland Athletics pitcher, apologized and accepted his penalty, but one has to question the intelligence of Colon and Melky Cabrera. Each knew he would be tested in 2012. Neither let it discourage him from cheaating..

If someone is so willing to conciously spit in the face of the fans and the game, perhaps 50 games isn't enough today. Why offer a three strikes policy to those who now know the facts, know how much harm they do baseball, and plunge on?

Meanw;hile, the Mariners conclude a home stand that's been good for them and their fans, a 7-1 run that has them closing in on .500 - and ahead of Boston in the American League wild cards race.

Here's today's lineup vs. Cleveland:

Dustin Ackley  2BMichael Saunders  CFKyle Seager  3BJohn Jaso  DHJesus Montero  CEric Thames  RFJustin Smoak  1BTrayvon Robinson LFBrendan Ryan  SSHisashi Iwakuma  RHP