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Felix and Mariners take aim at Angels

Welcome to Felix Hernandez Day, or as the Seattle Mariners know it, their best chance to beat a good team.

That team tonight: the Los Angeles Angels, 1 1/2 games out in the wild card race. Using a pair of unearned runs last night - to say nothing of 20 Seattle strikeouts - the Angels won, 5-4.

Tonight, it's Felix vs. C.J. Wilson and Mr. Hernandez has this game and one more start to add to his win total (13) and Cy Young Award candidacy, which is a longshot at best.

The Mariners will start Miguel Olivo, who had three hits last night, and Chone Figgins - who hasn't had a hit in weeks.

Here's tonight's Seattle lineup:

Dustin Ackley          2BFranklin Gutierrez     CF Kyle Seager            3BJesus Montero          DHJustin Smoak           1BMiguel Olivo            CCasper Wells           RFChone Figgins          LFBrendan Ryan           SSFelix Hernandez