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Felix's last start could knock out Angels

It's been a long season for the Los Angeles Angels in the American League West, where they figured to contend for a title and instead find themselves in third place today.

Worse, the fourth place team - the Seattle Mariners - can knock the Angels out of the post-season wild card race by winning tonight, and they'll be led by starting pitcher Felix Hernandez.

No, Felix doesn't have a record of success vs. the Angels. He's 0-2 with a 5.13 earned run average this season and 6-11 with a 3.86 in 29 career starts. Still, he's not just the best Seattle has, he's one of the best in the game.

Tonight, the Mariners will face left-hander C.J. Wilson, and Franklin Gutierrez (groin strain) is unavailable. That means Dustin Ackley is back at 2B, Michael Saunders is in CF and Trayvon Robinson in LF.

It's a pointed reminder that, as Eric Wedge said yesterday, Gutierrez must prove to the team he can stay healthy - and for the second year in a row, he's failed to do so.

Here's the Mariners lineup:

Dustin Ackley       2BCasper Wells            RFKyle Seager         3BJesus Montero           DHJustin Smoak        1BMichael Saunders    CFMiguel Olivo             CTrayvon Robinson    LFBrendan Ryan            SSFelix Hernandez        RHP