Mariners Insider Blog

And so it begins ...

Come on, you thought I was going to break out the old Eminem lyrics.  But that's been done so many times before. And right now, it's a new day and a new way on the Mariners Insider.  Yep, I just referenced the Mariners' 2009 marketing slogan.

Today officially marks my full-time return to the Mariners beat for the News Tribune. Obviously, many people knew the change was coming. I know it's been mentioned on Twitter and the radio some.  The decision was made a few months ago to have Larry move to a news side columnist, while I would leave the Huskies beat and return back to covering baseball. For people who know me even a little, they know my heart really never left baseball when I switched beats a few years ago.  It's my sport. It's my first love.  It's what I feel I cover best. And it feels good to be back to what I consider home.

Before we go any further, I need to thank Larry for all he's done for the paper, the blog and me. The man covered baseball for more than 30 years. You will not find a person, who writes a better game story - period. He can take a stinker of a Mariners game - and there have been plenty - and craft a funny, readable and smart recount. They read  like poetry at times. When I was kind of forced into the beat in 2008, Larry tolerated my ignorance, constant questions and temper tantrums, while showing me how everything works. He gave me freedom to post on here, and continue to be a large part of the coverage even when it was his beat. I wouldn't be writing this without his help. I consider him a friend, not just a colleague.

Going forward, the way I cover the Mariners and handle the blog will be similar to the way I did things in the past. There are no exact plans or formats - other than to provide consistent content. I want the blog is a meeting place for Mariners and baseball fans - a place to not only get news, but to discuss it. I will try to provide information, analysis and conversation in any way possible. But with blog particularly, the content can also be dictated by the people reading it - meaning I want to provide what you want or expect. So feel free to email me or leave comments about what you want and need in Mariners coverage.

One thing I don't want to do is talk down to you or come off as some condescending baseball know it all. I don't know it all. One of the best aspects of baseball is that you never stop learning about the game. The plan is for me to not only to learn about new statistical measures and ways to look at the game, but pass them on to the readers. Above all else, I try to keep in mind that I"m writing about grown men playing a child's game. And I refuse to be one of those people that takes myself too seriously, since I think people are predisposed to take you less seriously when you do.  As Crash Davis said in Bull Durham: "This game is supposed to be fun dammit."

Technically it isn't a new day, and maybe it won't be a new way. But it will be a different way. And I promise it won't be dull.