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A few Tuesday afternoon winter league notes and links

Thought I'd throw out a few links and notes this afternoon. The plan is start doing 2012 reviews in the coming days as well.

From ESPN's Jim Caple ....   here's a look at all the former Mariners in the playoffs. With the success of Ichiro, Raul Ibanez and Doug Fister, Caple writes about the good and bad (see A-Rod) of the former Seattle players.

From the story ...

With so many former Mariners in the ALCS, Seattle broadcaster Ken Levine says, "I'm rooting for Doug Fister, Ichiro, Raul Ibanez -- they're all great guys. And it's not like they pulled a LeBron James. They were traded or just moved on. As for A-Rod, how do you root for a guy who's taken steroids, plays for the Yankees, and [was involved] with Madonna?''

Should postseason teams dread or welcome the Ex-Mariners Factor? Let's examine the issue, based on the XMF Index, which combines the player's current postseason WAR and the levels of frustration and angst it produces in Seattle fansOh yeah, A-Rod, apparently he's being accused of flirting with female fans during games. I wonder if he strikes out with them too. Don't answer that.

Dave Cameron of USS Mariner writes that it's time to stop underrating John Jaso and his contributions.

Lookout Landing reviews the Mariners offense in 2012 has this story on Mariners' top pick Mike Zunino, who is playing down at the Arizona Fall League

Speaking of the AFL, here's some winter league notes from the Mariners' Kelly Munro