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Ten random thoughts on the Mariners payroll

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Now that it is the offseason, the payroll talk intensifies. For the last five seasons, the payroll has decreased. Will it be a sixth straight season? GM Jack Zduriencik obviously can't publicly comment on it, though there seems to be a few hints he might get a little more money this year. Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln offhandedly mentioned not spending money on upcoming traffic infrastructure that could otherwise be given to payroll. But that should be viewed with an eye roll. It would be like saying, not spending money on making bunch of Figgins bobbleheads that could otherwise be given paid to payroll.

Being back on the Mariners beat, I feel like there is an expectation to write a blog about payroll. So from my expert opinion, here's 10 random thoughts.

1. Lowering payroll is a bad thing.

2. Increasing the payroll is a good thing.

3. Spending an increased payroll wisely is a better thing

4. Spending an increased payroll unwisely can be a crippling to an organization.

5. Spending more money usually equates to more wins - unless your GM's name rhymes with Mavasi

6. While raising the payroll could possibly help the Mariners credibility level among fans and maybe change some perceptions (which aren't too great right now), raising the payroll in no way guarantees the lagging attendance significantly increases. Wins will  bring fans before free agent signings.

7. Lincoln said the possibility of the Mariners being sold is "pure nonsense." I'm not sure what impure or corrupted nonsense would be like. But ultimately all payroll decisions will come down to him and the Nintendo Corporation. I really don't know what he will do. But he often reminds me of Montgomery Burns.

8. The concept of a big television contract suddenly helping the Mariners financially in the future seems plausible. But usually those lucrative and somewhat inflated contracts are the result of some competition for those rights. Exactly who would  be competing with ROOT Sports? JoeTV?

9. The Mariners could add payroll and still be the fourth best team in the AL West in terms of overall talent.

10. The Yankees were just swept by the Tigers as I was typing this. It was very amusing and satisfying and distracting. Did you know that the Yankees owe Alex Rodriguez this much .... 2013:$28M, 2014:$25M,2015:$21M, 2016:$20M, 2017:$20M.